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Music keeps us moving. The beat goes on and on, especially with

The breakthrough platform is already revolutionizing the industry for filmmakers, content creators, editors, directors and agency creatives. Miami’s top agency owner, Michael Glovaski, and renowned music producer Tony Mangurian have launched the revolutionary platform for music lovers and professionals.

With, you can upgrade your user experience by uploading a video and conducting a music search, which then automatically syncs with your video when played. Users can also view their videos with music from a wide range of genres, from rock to rap.

Selections can be carefully tailored to fit your spot. Most importantly, Tony and Michael developed “music search video sync” from the point of view of a music producer and advertising creative. This transformative tool, which has been needed for years, makes it easy to search music while watching your video in sync.

With an extensive selection of musical tracks by top musicians, this game changing company is full of future chart toppers, which are perfect for film trailers, television commercials, social media projects, corporate videos and more.

With superior music searches and innovative, user-friendly tools, TonyMusic is gearing up to take over the competition. After all, is a great alternative to typical music search platforms like or, which don’t currently offer video sync capabilities.

Both Glovaski and Mangurian are making a mark on the music industry by creating a library where you can upload your rough cut and easily match it. After all, these two industry pros have been producing famed commercials and content for years.

Glo Creative took an instrumental role in the design and development of the entire TonyMusic platform using an incredible history of unique skill sets. Before launching his award-winning agency, Glo Creative, based in the arts district of Miami, Michael was involved in the creation of campaigns which played on-air during the Super Bowl and Olympics, including Subway Eat Fresh, Philips Electronics “Getting Better,” Dan Marino-Samsung NFL, Samsung Olympics and Claritin Clear.

In 2006, Michael masterminded an integrated mobile phone advertising and branding campaign that propelled the sale of Samsung’s mobile phones to over $100 million. His advertisements have appeared in acclaimed publications including The New York Times, Adweek, Advertising Age, Ad Review, Photo District News, ADDY Awards, Creative Ad Review and more. During the course of his career, Michael has worked with some of the world’s most remarkable and recognizable talent, such as Annie Liebowitz, Jerry Bruckheimer, Gerard de Thame, Walter Chin, Albert Watson and many more.

Music producer Tony Mangurian is also no stranger to the music business. Over the years, Tony and his team of musicians at have recorded and toured with some of the biggest artists in rock, pop, jazz and even classical music. Tony, who was raised in New York’s Greenwich Village, known for its creative types and underground music scene, helped establish the band Luscious Jackson and even recorded and co-produced their albums throughout the 90’s, including the single “Naked Eye.” Working with legendary producer Daniel Lanois, Tony collaborated on Bob Dylan’s “Time Out of Mind” — which went on to win a Grammy for Record of the Year — as well as Willie Nelson’s “Teatro” and Lanois’ own album “Shine” and “Here Is What Is.” This prolific producer also produced the groundbreaking Chris Whitely album “Rocket House” for Dave Mathews’ label ATO Records. Tony, who has always been a trailblazer, has even recorded session work with legends including Sinead O’Connor, Dido, Patti Scialfa, Marianne Faithfull, Emmy Lou Harris, Jose “El Canario” Alberto, Vusi Mahlasela, Derek Trucks and Johnny Lang among others. His production work can be heard on U2’s album “No Line on the Horizon” and Neil Young’s “Le Noise,” which won a Grammy for Best Rock Song. When it comes to his illustrious advertising background, Tony is definitely considered an A-lister. While he has worked with big names and brands spanning various industries, one of his biggest claims to fame is the jingle he created for CoverGirl Cosmetics. “Easy Breezy Beautiful CoverGirl” is easily one of the most recognizable and legendary lines in the advertising world, and has been for almost two decades.

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