An Ode to a Restaurateur — Georgios Vogiatzis Brings Love to the Table

In a time of worldwide madness, there is a common thing amongst all men, women and children that unites us. That is food. Bringing the people to the table is one man who is making peace and love happen through his own passion for dishes.

Miami restaurateur and president of Georgios Hospitality, Georgios Vogiatzis, has always loved food. To him dishes are not only full of nutrients, they are also representative of exquisite enchantment. They bring together the world in unity. Plates create harmony in our universe. And that special feeling is especially felt when they come out of one of Georgios’ kitchens.

“You don’t need to be a magician. You just need to know the best ingredients and be with the best team,” says Georgios who proves year after year that one becomes fortunate to be seated at one of his blessed tables.

Most recently in 2020, the famed chef and venue creator was given an opportunity by the successful real estate investor and developer Eric Hadar to operate the beautiful Savoy Hotel & Beach Club. And he embraced the challenge with open arms with the equal ambition he brought to his landmark Santorini by Georgios in Miami Beach.

Comparing work at his restaurants to life in a family unit, the legendary Greek restaurateur says it is loyalty that will make a food business grow.

“People come to South Beach from all over the world. They want to see and feel good in this place that I love,” he states. “We are lucky to work in paradise.”

This nirvana destination is truly a dream property that has so much to offer both tourists and locals alike. It is no wonder that people from around the globe want to be a part of this magic that is found at The Savoy Hotel & Beach Club. To the boy who grew up to be a Miami staple, this next career step is the stuff that is made from dreams.

Georgios was born in the small island of Thassos, Kavala in the North region of Greece in 1966. The island is known for activities like fishing, farming, olive trees fields, and feta cheese production. He grew up with his grandparents and learned from them the love for authentic natural ingredients and food. His grandfather taught him how to select ingredients with both his heart and his mind. At the tender age of seven, he started helping at his father’s fresh market and Greek restaurant in Munich. And by the time he reached 17, he opened his first restaurant on his own.

At the age of 30, Georgios took his next big leap in life and bravely moved his family to America. It was here that he took the divine lessons from his family and used them to shape what would become a landmark establishment on the shores of Southern Florida. In Boca Raton he successfully opened Mykonos by Georgios. He continued his hospitality career collaborating with some of the leading companies in the hotel and travel industry who came from every corner of the planet to work with him.

And, just five years ago he opened Santorini by Georgios in Miami Beach. Rave reviews came to his doorstop and accolades continuously flowed as he was bestowed with top reviews by travelers and magazines alike. It became the home away from home for tourists, as equally as a haven for food worship by locals.

They come from around the globe for a chance to be seated at one of his grand tables because his food is incredible and his restaurants are exquisite. But, more importantly, they are coming to feel the love. Georgios is the man with the Midas touch. He has historically set the bar high for dining experiences from Munich to South Beach because he cares so much about every step he takes. Like a father figure, he embraces those who enter his doors with dedication to making individuals feel adored. Their bellies fill with food made with admiration. There is no better taste in the entire world than a taste made by Georgios.

“When you come from a loving place you know that working in this industry is just like being with your family,” he states. “We have loyalty and that loyalty helps build a great business.”

With a warm, embracing nature leading the way this man and the staff he works with will continue to bring bliss to our days and magic to our food. He will always save a comfortably fantastic seat at his table for you.

Photo by Sebastian Bednarski

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